Eilera Precious Moment

Precious Moment – Digital EP

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2007 (Spinefarm Records/Universal Music)
Track listing:

  1. Fusion
  2. My Happyland
  3. The Angel you Love, The Angel You Hate
  4. Precious Moment


[How Precious Moment sounds like]

Energetic and romantic Pop/Rock/Metal, with a Celtic soul, nordic, filmic and programmed arrangements. Airial guitar soli have left territory to a heavier sound and to arpeggios. Eilera’s voice has established her style, with narrative and intimate moments coupling with powerful outbursts. The kind of programming that the duet has come with, both in this recording and in the following album, have remained one-of-a-kind.

[Press review – Elegy (FR)]


Precious Moment was the first of two records made in collaboration with Finnish record label Spinefarm. This four-songs EP was a try out, to decide wether or not Eilera and Spinefarm would continue the adventure with one album. This try-out being more than well-received by the press on the Rock/Metal scene, the adventure did continue.
Precious Moment came as a bullet in the melodic Rock/Metal scene of the time (2005), which had been stagnating for years. The freshness of Eilera’s voice and musical style was a slap of cool air in the face and it was among the first recordings to be combining metallic sounds with pop, Celtic and computer programming.
With this record deal and this EP, Eilera became the first French artist and the first French woman to be signed on a major foreign label within the genre.