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Face Your Demons – CD


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2016 (Echozone)
Track listing:

  1. Face Your Demons
  2. Your Way
  3. Deadly Together
  4. Angel Made Temptress
  5. Frozen Path
  6. Polynia
  7. Cure
  8. Into the Sea
  9. Male/Female Balance
  10. Protect You
    Bonus tracks : Frozen Path & Into the Sea (Finnvox versions)
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[How Face Your Demons sounds like]

Energetic Rock/Metal with Scandinavian feel, recorded live in studio. In this production intertwine the bright light and the melancholy that are characteristic of Finland, warmed up and lit up by Aurélie’s voice. Her original style and the techniques developed in her previous record can both be heard here.

[FACE YOUR DEMONS – Lyric video]


[Press reviews and interviews]

Chain D.L.K. (USA)
” For me, the mass appeal of an artist who can engage a wider audience with this kind of music is just fantastic.”
Legacy (DE) review + interview
‘Face Your Demons’ ist schlicht ein schönes Album, das die Zielgruppe glücklich machen wird!
Hörspiegel magazine (DE)
“Ein Album, das es zu entdecken gilt!”
Inferno magazine (FI)
Verdammnis (FR)
“Il faut souhaiter qu’elle apportera à l’artiste une notoriété plus importante car franchement méritée. Belle surprise !”
Sonic Seducer (DE) review + interview
“Eileras charismatische, klare Stimme lässt für den Zuhörer die Zeit der Heavenly Voiles quasi wieder auferstehen und lädt – besonders bei “Angel made Temptress” und “Male Female Balance” – einfach nur zum Träumen ein. Perfekt harmonieren auch die eingespielten Geigenmelodien mit den härteren Gitarrenparts und Eilera Stimme in “Your Way”.
White Room Reviews (NL)
(…) De dame heeft met Face Your Demons een mooie rockplaat gemaakt die een heel ander, vooral stoerder, karakter heeft dan de softe cover doet vermoeden. (…)
Musicwaves (FR)
“Balayant ces années d’abstinence avec une classe folle, Eilera nous revient, son charme et sa chaleureuse identité intacts. Plus que jamais, à l’image du visuel habillant cette quatrième offrande, la vocaliste est mise en avant. Sa voix, à la fois sucrée et voilée d’une douce mélancolie, emporte tout. “
www.metal-integral.com (FR)
“Ouvragées, travaillées avec soin et précision, ultramélodiques, elles mettent en orbite les qualités d’écriture, de composition de EILERA. Ainsi que sa voix et son chant particulièrement lumineux, scintillants par leur chaleur positive (et rappelant Anneke (ex THE GATHERING), Sharon (WITHIN TEMPTATION)”

www.myrevelations.de (DE)
“Nichtsdestotrotz gelang Eilera ein abwechslungsreiches und schönes Album, das ich gerne im Auto oder zum Abspannen nach der Arbeit höre. Muss ja schließlich nicht immer endlos knallen, oder?”

Imperiumi (FI)

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Face Your Demons is a phoenix rising from ashes. Following the end of her collaboration with Loïc, Aurélie re-located in the yang of her life, Finland. Now without a home-studio and even a home, she had everything to rebuild. And little by little, she did.
The first songs of Face Your Demons were written and played on friends’ couches and on an acoustic guitar which was given to her by Kiko Loureiro (Angra, Megadeth) after they had met at the Finnish Metal Meeting in Helsinki. Eilera gradually met musicians she could build the songs together with.
The first two songs to be finished were Frozen Path and Into the Sea. In a quest to determine the sound-production for the album, Eilera went to the Finnvox Studios – which had already been the house of her two previous records, and recorded the songs together with session musicians. Co-producer on this new adventure would be Eilera’s old friend Tero Kinnunen (Nightwish).
Finding however this first production attempt not quite right for her new songs, Eilera resumed working. She met more musicians, rehearsed more, until she found what would be the band of the Face Your Demons era. During this process, she booked the Artlab Studio in Helsinki for the live shooting of three live videos for the songs Deadly Together, Angel Made Temptress and Your Way. Filmed and produced by her old friend Mitja Harvilahti (Moonsorrow), those songs gave her the missing key she needed : this live sound would be the sound of the album. After the release of those videos and three first singles, Eilera and her band recorded live the rest of the album. Face Your Demons thus gathers performances by drummers Waltteri Väyrynen (Paradise Lost, Bloodbath), Toni Paananen, guitarists Jani Lyttinen and Roni Seppänen (Wheel), Jan Sormo, Lauri Salomaa and a strings ensemble.
Face Your Demons was released in partnership with Echozone/Bob-Media and distributed in Europe by Soulfood. Shows were played in Finland. More video work was released.
To Eilera, this album would be her « Finnish album », as for the first time, she entirely wrote, composed and recorded it in Finland.