Eilera Fusion

Fusion – CD


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2007 (Spinefarm Records/Universal Music)
Track listing:

  1. Non merci
  2. In the Present
  3. Healing Process
  4. Fusion
  5. Addicted
  6. The Angel You Love, The Angel You Hate
  7. Keep Our Heaven
  8. Back to the Essentials
  9. Free… Are You?
  10. September

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Fusion was completed shortly after the release of the EP. It continued what Precious Moment had started in terms of style, digging deeper and placing Nature as the prime inspiration for its lyrics and its music. Aurélie revealed, after the album had been released, that her vocals were in facts her demo recordings, as she had to go through surgery in times when she should have been recording her studio vocals… Her demo tracks turned out to just fine. 🙂 Fusion was again a co-production together with producer Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, 69 Eyes…). Hiili was the first professional who would advice Eilera to take full control over her productions. Other collaborations on this album included Pasi Heikkilä (Hevisaurus), Antti Lehtinen, Max Lilja (Aocalyptica, Tarja Turunen).
The album was again very-well received and everything looked bright, until Spinefarm got bought by Universal and Eilera’s deal was suddenly dropped, in times when they should have been supported for touring. Eilera organised and toured anyway in Finland. However, with such a sudden and unexpected turn of events, the time had come for Eilera to re-organise.