Eilera Facettes

Facettes – Digital album


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Track listing:

  1. The Strength of My Hate
  2. Never-Ending Tale
  3. Inside My Cave
  4. Ambiguïty
  5. Girl / Woman
  6. The Weapon in My Self
  7. Uncomprehension
  8. A Summer Breeze
  9. Great Men’s Work
  10. Break


Facettes is the first ever demo-album of Eilera. It was created, recorded and mixed within five months by Aurélie Potin Suau and Loïc Tézénas in their home-studio. They were friends and fellow musicians on the Montpellier (France) Metal music scene. They had already been playing the guitar together for years, either on creating the demos for Aurélie’s melodic Death-Metal band Chrysalis, or during the short existence of electronic metal project Bliss. Facettes got a distribution deal with Musicast in France and was the starting point of a series of concerts, local TV appearances and artistic collaboration in the Montpellier area. Facettes was the CD that ended up in the hands of Finnish record label Spinefarm and which marked the beginning of a collaboration. Even though the name Eilera has designated the duo made by Aurélie and Loïc, it is and has remained Aurélie’s artist name. The photographs on the cover of Facettes were taken with Emilie Potin Suau, Aurélie’s sister, and would be the first of a series of beautiful and idiosyncratic photographs. The press in France received Facettes with enthusiasm.