Waves – CD


Track listing:

  1. Andada
  2. Aquarius
  3. Sea Widow
  4. Soulmates
  5. She Makes Waves
  6. Roll With The Waves
  7. Rebellious Town
  8. Shades of Blue
  9. Une Vague
  10. Lili
  11. La Quest

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Following the Face Your Demons era, Aurélie experienced… her first burn-out. She felt empty inside. She did not feel she had a voice anymore and she no longer sang. For the first time she thought that maybe, her music days were over. So, she started writing a book that collected her experiences in the music world, thinking that if the music and the singing were over, at least, she could still work with words.
Her writing began at her good friend’s place, in Palma De Mallorca. There she rested, enjoyed a completely different life and swam in the sea. Feeling invigorated after three weeks in such a heaven, she resumed her journey : she had to go meet the waves of the Ocean.
This call had been resonating and growing within her for the past two years… It was time.
Aurélie thus embarked on a road trip for several weeks along the Ocean shore. In every desert creak she passed on her way, she swam. On every peaceful beach, she walked and for hours sat on rocks, staring at the horizon. When at the end of her journey she stopped at her parents’ house, in southern France, she opened her laptop again, aiming at resuming her book writing. What came instead, were songs.
Two things gradually became clear as she advanced in her work : the first one, was that this album was about to unite the yin and the yang in her life : France and Finland. The second one, was that she was working at catching waves inside songs. Their strength, their wildness, their gentleness, their honesty, their depth.
With the Ocean for muse, the sound of this album would have to differ from the sound of her previous ones. It would have to be more organic. The challenge production-wise would be to get such a sound without loosing Eilera’s edge. And so, it built up, uniting an ancient world with the modern one, allying ancient music sounds with modern technology. The album that was first supposed to sound like her « Kurt Cobain » album slowly turned into a beautiful swan, swimming with sirens on ocean surfaces, sparkling under the sun, or in depths agitated by storms.
Waves is and will remain one-of-a-kind in Eilera’s discography. It was entirely written and composed in France.
It is Eilera’s gift to other people who, like her, might need at times to push away the burn-out in the dehumanising city and feel pure sensations again.