Eilera’s 2019 – 2020

2019 has been a year for Waves ? It started with its recording. From France, Finland and Chile I received tracks from beautiful Musicians who had worked over my Demos. I had recorded my vocal tracks together with Tero, some of them in a cozy wooden house (with a big snake in it), some of them in the basement of a Warehouse. With each new song, I grew up – and I think Tero did too, for we had never worked on such material before: songs built over a basis of acoustic music, turned into strong and elegant songs of the ocean. My objective to offer Revitalizing waves to our world was met. ?
The crowdfunding that followed was also a gigantic, new thing for me, not just a work wise, but also because it took me closer to Eilera’s fans. You were there and we made things happen together. Without you, there would be no album and for this, I am ever so Grateful .. ?
The months that followed were dedicated to creating the artwork for the album with David and Justine, then printing the first series of CDs and Waves items … ?Then it was time for video making and for offering Soulmates, as a first single. ? Video-wise, several animations were created, for a Waves presentation event that was held in Oodi, the new central media center / library of Helsinki … ?Many weeks then passed, I just worked on contacting people within the industry and on the ITAL a plan for the international release of Waves. It was my duty to find what was best for the future of this album, simply out of respect for all the work it has demanded and for the input of many individuals into it. Finally, I Shook Hands With Inverse Records Finland.? Since then, Sea Widow has been released as the second single and its video has been presented to you ? … So, I can be proud of this 2019, can’t we?

Tomorrow, I am Flying to France. I will be with my family for Christmas and for the beginning of 2020. Shortly after my return in Helsinki, the work on our next music video will begin. In March, Waves will be released in stores other than Eilera’s. And before the release, rehearsals will begin with a new band, with whom we intend on playing concerts and later on, start working on Waves’ follower.

If you ask me, do I have one regret for 2019? I will answer you I wish I could have given even more. I know that ever since the beginning of Eilera’s, many people have wished for more concerts. Yet I find peace in the soul in the fact that I know I give all I can give and that I will keep doing so, for music and for all the lovers of edgy beauty of this world.
I am wishing you all a peaceful and joyful Christmas time. The Adventure continues in 2020. ?? – Eilera