In a musical world that has become ever-so formatted, Eilera has been firmly standing her ground. From her first demo-album Facettes (distribution: Musicast), to her latest album Waves, Eilera has taken her fans on board of a musical and visual adventure, rich in diversity and always putting quality first. Eilera was a pioneer on the French metallic music scene with her band Chrysalis and the first female musician to sign an international record deal with most respected Metal/Rock label Spinefarm Records in Finland. She was also among the pioneer composers to bring elements of Pop music, electronic and Celtic folk music inside the Heavy-Rock genre. Eilera has never abandoned Beauty to the Beast. Her personal voice and production style, inside a world which is male-dominated, are making her a one-of-a-kind musician and an eternal defender of, how she puts it herself, edgy beauty.

Eilera’s new and fifth album Waves, with its organic Folk-Rock soul inside its shiny armour, is a new milestone inside Eilera’s discography. Following the cutting white light of its predecessor, alternative Rock/Metallic Face Your Demons (Bob-Media/Soulfood), which was aimed at awaking the listener to taking action with a musical slap in the face, Waves comes as a strong hug, warm and filled with luminous energy, happening on the Ocean shore, rocked by the sound of the waves that are alternately sparkling under the sun and darkening under the clouds.

« I wrote Waves after I had experienced a burn out. I felt I needed to create an antidote to the dehumanising forces in the city, such as greed and growing individualism. I would capture the organic feel of the Ocean into an album that heals the aching soul », she says.

One may think that such work fits oddly with a woman who started as a guitarist and a composer of Melodic Death Metal. Yet to those who know her work and who know the woman, Waves falls naturally into Eilera’s journey. Just like she has always added beauty inside the cold world of Heavy-Rock, she is nowadays bringing beauty into the coldest places of our world.

… and the journey continues.

Eilera's discography