Eilera has launched the Facettes Marathon. 
The Facettes Marathon has opened with the launching of a brand new video for the single song Inside My Cave.
Eilera explains : “The first music video i ever acted in was for the song Inside My Cave. Just like for the demo-album it was extracted from, titled Facettes, it was created by friends, passionate for the arts of music and of music video.
The original video was shot in 2003, in department of Gard, in southern France, in one of my favourite spots on earth: Le Château d’Allègre (Allègre Castle). This video came to life prior to the social media movement. It got uploaded to Youtube. However, it never made its way to Eilera’s Official Youtube Channel. I thought this mistake should be finally remedied.
I contacted my friend Gérard Lehiany who had shot and edited the video at the time, and asked him if he could send it to me in its best resolution. Yet the image remained, sadly, too small and I could not use it.. I was so firmly determined to see the video join her sisters though that i decided that a new, enhanced version would be born.”

The new video, in its Rock, spiritual and epic dimension, is now available in Youtube.

Others posts in the social media include a minimalistic Live video of Eilera playing the song, a casual video of photographies watching with Eilera, blog articles and a new merchandize item.