2018 has been the year of my demos turning into a new album called ‘Waves’, which will be ready in January 2019.

It has also been the year of the lyric-video for the single ‘Face Your Demons’, and of the video for ‘Male-Female Balance’, a song which i consider to be a milestone in my musical and production work.

‘Face Your Demons’ has been my “Phoenix album”.

I filled it with several of the key elements which i believe, define Eilera, while pushing further the limits of my sonic exploration. Recording the album live in studio was a musical and a sonic challenge, which i took together with beautiful musicians and sound technicians.

‘Face Your Demons’ was an an album that i needed to take off my system, so that i would be able to move on to new shores.

The road-trip I took on the following summer fed me with fresh energy and inspired me some acoustic songs.

For the first few months of songwriting, i thought this album would remain “perfectly imperfect”, my Kurt Cobain album, sort of. Yet i was fooling myself, for the ugly duck has grown into a majestic swan.

On a personal level, I was turning 40 years old.

For me, it translated into reflecting on my past, on its goods and its bads, its victories and its failures, on its mistakes and on its lessons learned. I thus decided that this album shall be the link between my past and my present and as such, that it shall unite musicians from my past and from my present. I was lucky that the persons i contacted agreed to join with me on this adventure. I believe that many of you will recognize those musicians..

Several guests also appear on this album, whose work and energy i feel grateful for.

Finally, last summer and automn were also dedicated to elaborating the crowdfunding campaign that will be launched in January 2019. – This was also so much work ! I am really looking forward to sharing it with you now.

You may then hear extracts from the songs, discover the visuals and the story of Waves and pre-order your copy, as well as the related merchandize items you like. It will be time for interaction ? I hope you will get as excited as we are.

As i am now sitting in front of my computer, gladly reflecting on the work that has been done, i also feel hopeful for what is yet to come.

I wish that in 2019, ‘Waves’ gives you the feelings of depth and tranquility of the Ocean, as well as the feelings of excitment and life from its waves.

I wish that the hard work and energy that my collaborators have given be rewarded, with a great album, with concerts and with more interaction with you, our public.

And finally, i wish you all imagination, hope and strength for this new year.

May the force of Music be with You.

With love , Eilera