Eilera logo default picture [27/07/2020] - Eilera has launched the Facettes Marathon. The Facettes Marathon has opened with the launching of a brand new video for the single song Inside My Cave.Eilera explains : "The first music video i ever acted in was for the song Inside My Cave. Just like for the demo-album it was extracted from, titled Facettes, it was… Read more »
Eilera logo default picture Waves, from the ocean to the album release - In five days from now, on March 6th 2020, Waves will be released by Inverse Records. Here is a short recap of the Waves era until now, as we have experienced it together: from its original waves during a road trip that healed my burn out and gave me back my voice, to the successful… Read more »
Eilera logo default picture New single – Aquarius - Out on 11.2.2020, watch here the trailer for the new single Aquarius ! Read more »


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    No upcoming shows.
  • May 13 2019 --- Oodi, Helsinki (FI) Promotional event. Presentation of Waves by Eilera / hearing of new songs / projection of Soulmates video animations on big screen.
  • February 22 2017 --- Spirit FM Helsinki (FI) Mini-acoustic show.
  • November 24 2016 --- On the Rocks, Helsinki (FI)
  • September 29 2016 --- Semifinal, Helsinki (FI) Face Your Demons album release party.
  • January 21 2012 --- Forum Fest, Laudun-L'Ardoise (FR)
  • November 04 2010 --- Shakespeare Pub, Montpellier (FR) Acoustic show.
  • October 30 2010 --- Baloard, Montpellier (FR)
  • October 28 2010 --- Le Korigan, Luynes (FR)
  • June 10 2010 --- Poste à Galène, Marseille (FR)
  • June 05 2010 --- La Scène Bastille, Paris (FR)
  • June 04 2010--- L'Atelier Rock, Huy (BE)
  • June 03 2010 --- Le Drak-Art, Grenoble (FR)
  • June 02 2010 --- Lyon's Hall, Lyon (FR) (FR)
  • May 27 2010 --- Antirouille, Montpellier (FR)
  • December 17 2009 --- Théätre de l'Astrée, Villeurbanne (FR)
  • --- Le Lucifer, Bordeaux(FR).
  • --- Secret Place, Saint Jean de Védas (FR)
  • --- Woodoo, Imatra (FI)
  • April 11 2008 --- Ravintola Konsta, Kaustinen (FI)
  • April 04 2008 --- Yo-talo, Tampere (FI)
  • --- On The Rocks, Helsinki (FI)
  • --- La Fonderie, Sète (FR)
  • --- FNAC, Montpellier (FR)
  • --- Cinéma Diagonal-Centre, Montpellier (FR)
  • --- Point Zéro, Montpellier (FR)
  • --- Punky Connors Irish Pub, Alès (FR)
  • --- Macadam Pub, Montpellier (FR)
  • --- Blue Up, Montpellier (FR)

Waves backers

James Van Nguyen, Gwenaëlle Lecoanet, Emilie PS, Loïc Sombardier, Olivier Boutière, Colette AnneMarie, Sébastien Tortora, Bob Reid, Mika Paananen, Paavo Partanen, Bernadette Chiuppi, Marie Rath, Elisabeth Suau, Christophe Gosselin, Masaaki Otsuka, Simon Chiuppi, Geneviève Negrel, Shinichi Yasugi, Pascale Sanchez, Rosemarie Borrelly, Michel Vaschalde, Bernard Potin, Thierry Desmares, Christophe Chalencon, Joselyn Lago, Samppa Murtomäki, Sascha Felnagel, Sylvie Garcin, Frank Leuther, Konstantin Shevchenko, Roland Champetier, Patrick Francoz, Audrey Djibilian, Reiner Schmied, Finbarr Farragher, Christofer Saarela Gustafson, Juha Rytkönen, Gérard Lehiany, Corinne Laupie, Friederike Ridegh, Saku Siltala,

Joachim Maier, Frank Buchert, David D’Halleine, Julie Loraschi, Lanna Eaves, Nicholas Viner, Sandra Fischer, Walter Lautenbach, Kristiina Partanen, Kritter, Pentti, Maija-Liina Partanen, Walter Lautenbach, Russel Cook, Pentti Partanen, Maija-Liina Partanen, Jean-Marc Domeneghetty, Benjamin Suau, Jerome Goodluck, Olli Kivelä, Louis Potez, Carrion Trinité, Bert Rothkugel, Jari Mäkäräinen, David Brami, Carlos Silva, Eddie Risdal, Mitja Harvilahti, Nina Riutta, Arnaud Perthuis, Mervi Limnell, Justine Florio, Matthew Eridon, Lanna Eaves, Andy Waldner, César Antonio Sánchez Larraín, Silke Jungbluth, Simon McMurdo, Mallaury Boudet, Trucia Quistarc, Mikael Salo, Bertrand Minary, David Brami, Jaakko Silvast, Tomas Siegl

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